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About HEFO

HEFO is a Faith Based on-governmental Organization (NGO) that was formed by Christian Churches in Nkayi and Bulawayo.

Who We Are

Our vision at HEFO is long-term and aimed at empowering communities to be self-reliant and be able to manage their livelihoods today and in the future, in a sustainable manner.


Our Mission

Empower communities in Nkayi District, to permanently improve the quality of their well-being. 


Through Nkayi District community driven projects, we facilitate;

Strengthening the governance of NkayiDistrict community structures that the HEFO program engages with.

Establish and strengthen the communities’ linkages with other development partners, including Government departments.

Make clean drinking water accessible within a 3km radius through drilling boreholes along with the construction of weirs, small dams and roof water harvesting.

Adoption of climate smart conservation agricultural practices.

Creation and promotion of gardens that produce nutrient-dense foods.

Establish viable Crop-livestock businesses.


Nkayi District of Matabeleland North Province is situated in natural region four – an area prone to erratic spatial and temporal rainfall distribution, which often leads to dry spells and arid/drought-like conditions.  Mean rainfall in this region is 450650 mm, an amount insufficient for most cash cropping.  As a result, livestock and drought-resistant fodder crop production are the major economic engines in the largely rural areas selected for programme implementation. These conditions make the districts highly vulnerable to poverty. In addition, with a political and cultural history sometimes perceived as counter to the dominant power structures in the country, the district is generally regarded as among the least developed areas of Zimbabwe. 

HEFO, having recognized the needs and challenges faced by these communities as highlighted above, designed and implemented the Community Livelihoods Recovery Programme (CLRP) and scaled-up its work in 2007 in Nkayi District initially covering two wards. The similar activities were extended to Bulawayo in 2009 under Protracted Relief Programme (PRP) funded by DFID, covering seven wards and Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC) covering 5 wards in Bulawayo.   In Nkayi District, HEFO’s activities cover 5 wards on a Development Area programme for 10 years in partnership with both Tear Fund Australia and Action Aid International Zimbabwe (AAIZ).

Partner With Us

If you would like to partner with us and support the work we do in Nkayi, please click on the button and drop us message, and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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